Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gift Idea: Autobio Playlist


Last year I quickly adopted my friend Becky's idea of creating an autobiographical mix as a gift idea. It's fun to make, instantly personalized, and entertaining when you get other friends involved.

What a great way to save a few pennies on Christmas gifts, too.

Here's my mix for 2011:

OMG by Usher - In tribute to my middle school dance team girls, they killed it!

Love's Not by Mars Ill - For a very memorable lesson I gave during my first few weeks of teaching.

Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson - I gave a lesson on this song at one point, too and really feel it sums up my first teaching position.

I Never Told You by Colbie Caillat - One of my 8th graders sang this as part of a presentation she gave last spring. It was the most beautiful performance I'd ever witnessed and brought me to tears.

Personal Jesus by Johnny Cash - Heard this version of the song in the car when on vacation in Oregon. Just stayed with me.

The Tracks of My Tears by Dolly Parton - I am a recently converted Dolly fan. Sorry.

Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band - Really love this song because of this line: "pair or jeans that fit just right..."

Wild World by Cat Stevens - Because it is.

Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters by Elton John - Something from my favorite movie is a must.

New York City by The Peter Malick Group - Keeping the dream alive. New York, you will be mine.

Want a copy? Email me your address at gwenedwards82(at) and I'll be happy to mail you a copy! What's your mix for 2011 going to include?


  1. I've just been mentally compiling my list for this year- it's such a fun exercise, isn't it?

  2. Wow, loved your post on love. So cute! And as for NY, it will be here sooner than you know!

  3. I love this idea!

  4. That's a great idea! Have you ever heard Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt? That one sticks with me. And there's never a reason to apologize for loving some Dolly. She's an experience! I went to Dollywood once on accident. It will be emblazoned on my mind forever. I love her song Jolene. It was based on a true story for her. I recently read an interview on her as well. I love how she likes to take charge of her own life. She's also really smart. And would you believe, I don't even like country music?! And yet those are the two artsists I'm talking about. hehehe.

  5. I would love a copy, and let's keep this tradition going! It's a fab idea! I am going to make my own to share with you!


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