Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Portland Love

Just got back from a trip to the Pacific Northwest. I was able to squeeze in two half-days in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. And what a great city! Some highlights include:

Marsee Baking, where me and childhood friend AC used to get chocolate crinkles all the time. They don't make those anymore, but it was fun to catch up with the Sellwood neighborhood.

Please note woman in vintage-looking skirt, bicycle, and volvo all in the same photo. So Portland!

Then off to Hawthorne, my favorite Portland hangout. Fun shopping, gourmet foods, good coffee, and these days, lots and lots of hipsters, which makes for excellent people watching, some things never change.

I realize they have these elsewhere, but still my favorite!
Bagdad Theatre

Lucky for me, the International Rose Test Garden was blooming. I never miss a chance to visit such a magical place, as Portland is the city of roses, after all.

The peachy ones are my favorite

While wandering around downtown, we enjoyed a cultural treat. The Oregon Ballet Theatre dancers just happened to be doing a public dance rehearsal for all to enjoy. How lovely.

Portland, you will be missed!

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