Monday, February 21, 2011

Follow-up to Lesson Plan- L O V E

On Valentine's Day I decided to a little lesson with the 8th graders on Love. At first, my intention was to do this lesson with my advisory class only, but since it was getting real interesting hearing Tween thoughts on love, my English class was also subjected to "Love's Not" and required to write two paragraphs; the first on what love's not and the second on what love is. The following are some of the results, spelling edited to spare you.

"Love is not going to make everyone hurting. And it is not a bag of rocks."

"Love is something the peoples like. And it is a special stuff that couples have. And it makes them happy."

"It is something you do to love someone you love."

"Be better, be myself, be brave, be quiet, be happy."

"Love is friend-wise, fiancee-wise, and family. Love is sharing. Hebrew meaning for love is "I give."

"Love is a journey you take with someone you love through good and worst. When I think of the word love, I think of a million words to say."

"I think love is a cruel joke that your mind plays on you. Love was meant to break hearts."


  1. My favorite is definitely the bag of rocks. It sure isn't that! :)

  2. This is great! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. That last one is heartbreaking to hear from an 8th grader.


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