Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ideal Job: Cafe owner

Someday me and MHD will have our own cafe. We both love coffee, good food, cooking good food, and delicious baked goods. I'll leave it up to her to come up with a witty/quirky/cool name for the place (because she embodies all those qualities) as we envision a European-esque coffee shop cafe with no-nonsense offerings, a cozy and quaint atmosphere, and the kind of service you can usually only get at grandma's house. She will run the front of the house (she is an excellent boss and has the best customer service skills of anyone this side of the Pacific) and I'll run the back (running a kitchen is one area where perfectionism pays off). And you all will come and be our loyal customers.

Here's a sample menu (very incomplete, only dreaming here, and in no particular order).

La Menu

La Frittata
Served with country-style potatoes, homemade toast, and a side of fruit
Choose from:
- Goat cheese, asparagus, and tomato
- Pesto and kalamata olive
- Bacon, chedder, and green onion
- Salmon, cream cheese, and sun-dried tomato

La Pancake
Served with a side of fruit
Choose from:
-Old fashioned
- Whole wheat

La Egg in a Hole
Served with homemade toast, country-style potatoes, and a side of fruit
Two fried eggs cooked inside their own toast home
La Bakery 
Scones: various for ex: cherry chocolate walnut, lavender, honey cinnamon
Croissants: almond, lavender, ginger, butter:)
Muffins: lemongrass poppy seed, etc

La Baked Apple
Served with butter and warm cream

La Weekly Special (rotating)
-Greek Breakfast: homemade toast served with olive oil, plain yogurt with honey, and Greek coffee
-Spanish Breakfast: tortilla espanola, pan y chocolate (bread and hot chocolate)
-Island Breakfast: open-faced Spam musubi topped with a fried egg, half papaya, and Kona coffee
-Italian Breakfast: prosciutto, parmesan and egg sandwich on baguette bread, cappuccino or espresso
-Japanese Breakfast: miso soup, rice ball, hard-boiled egg, and green tea
-English Breakfast: scone, soft-boiled egg, choice of hot tea
-French Breakfast: croissant and espresso or pressed coffee

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  1. This is seriously wonderful. I love the idea, and the menu sounds amazing. I would definitely eat there!


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