Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lesson Plan - L O V E

Valentine's Day is important to 8th graders. Remember hoping you'd get a Candy-Gram or secret admirer? And then not getting a Candy-Gram or secret admirer? It's tough being a tween. That's why I decided that this Valentine's Day, we're gonna talk about it.

This lesson plan is intended for my (20 minute) advisory class.

First, play this song: Love's Not by Mars Ill
Ok, some slightly inappropriate content, but I can get away with it (hopefully) since it's not mean-spirited.

Then ask them: So what is love?
I'm imagining a Lauryn Hill circa 1998 album intro where the kid's in a classroom discussed love. (Sorry, the link is not exactly what I meant, but if you are a fan, you KNOW). At 14 years old, I distinctly remember thinking that love meant you would kill yourself for that person, hmmm...can't wait to hear what my student's have to say.

To be continued...

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