Monday, November 7, 2011

Kona Coffee and Art Stroll

Did you know Kona, Hawaii produces some of the world's best coffee? It's a true fact.

This is lucky for those of us who a) love coffee and 2) live in or get to visit Kona. November is an especially great time to be here, as we get to enjoy the spoils of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival.

This weekend I strolled through the town of Holualoa (where I also teach elementary school *shout out*) tasting some fine coffees, enjoying works by local artists, and searching for some good eats.

One of my greatest accomplishments in life has been converting my husband from orange juice to coffee drinker. I just couldn't let him miss out on the soothing, delicious treat that is coffee in the morning.

Not only is the coffee here spectacular, but the coffee culture is interesting as well. Coffee history runs deep around here, witnessed by the generations of Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino families who have lovingly massaged and extracted "Kona gold" from the land.

Coffee country is lined with well-loved "coffee shacks," coffee cherry weighing stations, workers walking home in muddy boots, and when the time is right, coffee blossoms create Kona "snow." It's a dreamy atmosphere, but don't fooled, picking coffee is brutal. It's a determined people who have labored to make these farms sing.


  1. Wow, I've never seen raw coffee beans before - I didn't realise they were red! Pretty!

  2. Ok I'm just so sad now. I love coffee. In particular I love Kona coffee. I've paid STUPID amounts of money to have it as well. And now, coffee and I are in a spat. We're not speaking with each other. And until we can resolve things with each other, I'm going to pine away for coffee once again. And every blog I read today, references coffee. It's almost a little comical.


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