Saturday, November 26, 2011


There is a vacuum of time between Thanksgiving and the first of December in which all we eat are leftovers and the son of leftovers. Therefore the birth of Leftovember: the forgotten month of scrap eating.

This time can be boring, or this time can be glorious.

Let's begin by scooping dollops of whipped cream into our morning coffee. And drinking that coffee with some leftover pie, because that's breakfast in Leftovember.

Lunch, perhaps, is biscuits slathered in cream cheese, cranberry sauce, and topped with turkey.

The crowning glory of Leftovember is pot pie. Here's where I pretend to not have eaten any turkey (due to current vegetarian status) and fill my pie crusts with all the veggie leftovers.

But this is real life where I can't resist the turkey and certainly don't want any to go to waste. Pile that pie high with whatever you got: brussels sprouts, squash, mashed potatoes, green beans. We ran out of gravy so I poured the remaining garlic soup overall for moisture.

And for the final last gasp of Thanksgiving enjoyment, pop the turkey bones in the slow cooker with some salt and herbs, and fill with water. Lazy-woman's turkey stock. Freeze for later use.

What are your Leftovember specialties? 


  1. You are insane! And it's in such a great way. You manage to make me drool every.single.time I come to your site. Even when I'm sitting down to home made spaghetti made from scratch, home made garlic bread, and home made olive tapenade. You would think I'd be happy and content but you manage to really steal the show with your creations. If you keep this up, I'm finally going to complete my dream of moving to hawaii, I'll be your neighbor, and I'll be asking for cooking lessons. ;)

  2. Yum... this looks like a good tradition if you ask me. x


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