Sunday, October 9, 2011

Denver Eats

We played. We drank. We put blue feather extensions in our hair. We reminisced about piano bars and cute boys and Halloween costumes. This equals good times in Denver with great friends.

And we ate.

Much needed hair-of-the-dog bloody mary's at a French bistro for brunch.

Veggie burrito at Illegal Pete's.

Local "beer" my friend was sold after asking for something made in Colorado. Note: it says malt liquor on the can. Heehee.

Candy apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I realize they have these shops in virtually every mall in America, however we do not have one where I live, so this was exciting. I also bought Dustin a piece of chocolate covered bacon.

Yummy locally brewed beer where we met Denver's most eligible bachelor (according to 5280, but I can't find the article to link to, sorry!)

This is where I ordered the rattlesnake and pheasant dog. You read that right. It was delicious, however, it wrecked my stomach. I think I'm just not used to eating snake.

Jessica snapping away for her amazing blog, love, ayi. Click on over and check it out!

Please do check out Biker Jim's if you are ever in Denver. Unique and delicious. Score.

Also, feather hair extensions really get the party started. Mine is still nestled in my hair. It may or may not be forming a dread lock.

This is not me. You really don't want to see the dread lock.


  1. holy cow! that is a huge beer looks like a ton of great food i love denver and the variety it offers!

  2. Yummy eats!
    Thats one yummy looking candy apple! :D

  3. Everything looks delish! BF really wants to move to Denver (or Hawaii), so at least I know there are good eats there!


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