Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brunch for One

"How many?" The hostess asks. I secretly love replying, "one." You could say enjoying a meal all by myself, whether at home or out and about, is one of my SSB's. There is something so fulfilling about treating yourself to a nice meal. Yes, I'm here alone, and hell yes, I'm going to enjoy this. No apologies.

The other day I fried up some potatoes with garden fresh asparagus (yes, my garden) and topped it with a fried egg. Don't judge my fried egg, when you try flipping the egg with a wooden spoon because you are too lazy to get out a spatula, this is the result. Oh well.

We have a big, big week ahead ladies and gentleman. My husband turns 30, and I'll be attending two book club potlucks, one for Life and the other for The Help. So we're looking at making a birthday dinner, brownies, cupcakes, fondue, and some sort of Southern inspired creation in the week to come. Wish me luck! Suggestions needed!  

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