Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blog Swap: Fabulous Summer Hair

Hello foodies!  Or shall I say Aloha?  My name is Chelsi and I'm happy to be partnered with Gwen for 20 Something Bloggers Ninth Annual Blog Swap!  I know you are used to getting fabulous ideas for food on this blog, but today, I'm going to give you some food for thought.
Summer is my favorite time to experiment with my hair.  It's too hot to use the blow dryer, so every summer you see tons of braids and messy, effortless styles.  I love the carefree beauty of summer hair.  So far, I've tried the following hair dids for summer:

I've tried the sock bun curls six times.  It never works.  The sock bun itself, however, is my new goto.  The cascade braid and the partial french braid were too hard to do because I am intellectually challenged.  However, I found a twisty version that looks similar and is much easier.
The effortless, carefree beauty of summer is even better because it's so easy.  It takes almost no time, and no heat.
I have epilepsy.  Often, seizures are triggered by stressful situations or emotional events.  Recently, I had a small one after mustering up the courage to apologize to a former friend for my part in the demise of our friendship.  Several people have told me I just need to learn to control my emotions better in order to avoid seizures.  My husband said, "It's just foreign to care THAT much.  To get THAT worked up."  I am a passionate person.  My motto is to live passionately.  But it takes a lot of effort and sometimes, a lot of heat.  Sometimes that much effort is detriment to my health.  However, I believe that passion is what makes me a beautiful person.  So, I've been thinking, can one selectively guard themselves and their emotions but still be a passionate person?  Is effortless beauty possible when it comes to emotions?  Share your thoughts!
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Thanks for having me!

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