Monday, August 1, 2011

Garden Glory

I planned ahead and arranged a little time-lapse tour for you of the lovely garden. Apparently I'm not that great at taking the pictures from the same spot every time.

First box: lettuce and arugula. Second box: watercress and Swiss chard. Third box: tomatoes and eggplant. Last box: asparagus.

The fencing is to keep the cat from pooping in my lovely planter boxes. My husband built these handy boxes, what a guy! But only because he has an organizational obsession. Ok and probably partly to be nice.

Here's where I admit to not being a master gardener. First of all, I live in Hawaii where we do not fear the frost and the growing season never ends. Second, we have a sprinkler system so I almost never have to water. It makes it kinda easy that way.

Nice surprise for me after coming home from my Northwest trip. I was only gone two weeks, amazing.

After taking about a year's hiatus from gardening, I'd nearly forgotten how satisfying and easy it is to grow your own vegetables. Boy do I feel healthy. 

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