Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birthday Brownies and a List

We celebrated a milestone this week. My loving husband turned 30.

So the cat and I had some champagne on his behalf.

Brownies were certainly in order (chocolate peanut butter ones). This time from scratch. Thanks Joy the Baker. 

Making a list for someone who likes organization seems logical. So here is my list:

30 Reasons to love Dustin (who is 30)

1. He doesn't own a video game device that connects to the TV.
2. He always "likes" my blog post links on Facebook.
3. He hates skinny jeans.
4. He's a badass biker.

(Birthday sandwiches)

5. He makes use of the word "beautiful" in so many ways.
6. He makes use of expletives in magical ways.
7. He agrees that farm fresh eggs are better than store bought.
8. He thinks I'm badass. I totally am, see proof below.

9. He is an organizational master.
10. He drinks wine from a milk glass.
11. He didn't get mad when I posted a photo of him clipping his toenails.
12. He still listens to Master P.
13. He does real smart stuff like run his own business.
14. He likes my cooking.
15. He's a risk taker.

16. He likes bananas in his ravioli.
17. He likes treasure hunting.
18. He smells good.
19. He's incredibly kind.
20. He eats really fast, which actually comes in handy at times.
21. He is someone to be admired.

22. He is accepting and tolerant.
23. He's handsome.
24. He looks good in white.
25. He knows some pretty groovy dance moves.

26. He's quitting smoking. One day clean!
27. He loves our kitty Abba Zaba. She's his only friend.
28. He lets me be who I am.
29. He's a dreamer. And he's not the only one.
30. Last but not least, I love him because he's no longer a twenty something.

Happy Birthday D! You'll always be an ear-pierced, minor providing, crotch rocket riding 21 year old to me. 


  1. What a sweet post! Those brownies look delicious.



  2. this post = fantastic. ♥ you guys

  3. im sorry you don't have a baseball team by you, i'll have to send a team over just for you :-) happy birthday to your hubby i love the idea of a list of 30 for him turning 30 loved your list!


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