Monday, August 8, 2011

Sexy Papaya Ice Cream

Confession time. I think food is sexy.

And not (necessarily) in a chocolate syrup and whipped cream kind of way. But seriously, just look at this papaya and tell me it's not sexy. My friend Becky knows what I'm talking about.

Speaking of sexy I watched "Risky Business" for the first time last night. Rebecca De Mornay was way hotter than Tom Cruise which doesn't negate the fact that there were some surprisingly good sex scenes. I want her bangs.

Oh yeah, so to make papaya ice cream you'll need to scoop the papaya meat into a bowl and freeze it.

Then blend. This is a little hard on both the food processor and the blender so be kind to your appliances. My cousin recommends the Vitamix which may be a reasonable investment considering the number of wooden spoons I've now shredded due to trying to mix while blending.

Now that is a sexy color.

Blend until it reaches soft-serve consistency. You may also make "chocolate syrup" with agave nectar and cocoa powder which is a super good topping.

I'm assuming you can make "ice cream" with various frozen fruits. We've already tried banana (scroll to bottom), so I guess it's up to me to try some other variations and let you know how it turns out. It's the least I can do. 


  1. yummy this looks amazing! great blog following you now :-)


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