Monday, September 26, 2011

Lunch for One

One of the great joys in life for me is cooking a meal for myself. Just for me. No leftovers, no reviews, no expectations. Just lunch, the way I want it.

Leftover Roasted Carrot soup, salad of tomato & arugula, biscuit with English cheddar

For whatever reason, I feel pressure when I have to cook for other people and sometimes that pressure takes over the flavors. Stress soup is not something people want to eat.

When I cook only for me, that stress evaporates off the back of my neck because all I'm thinking about is what tastes good, about what I want right now. Never about how it will turn out, how it will look on the plate, if I'll make it ever again.

And it turns out beautifully. In taste, on the plate, in my belly.

Watching Anthony Bourdain while eating. Hey, I do what I want. 

Judith Jones wrote about this topic wonderfully in O magazine once upon a time. Her cookbook on the topic, The Pleasures of Cooking for One, is on my wish list.

What do you think? Would you rather cook for yourself, or for a crowd?

Or for a kitty named Abba Zabba who likes yogurt, fish, and hummus but never steak or milk (too fattening)?

And by the way, I will be in Denver through the weekend if anyone out that way reads this blog and wants to meet up. Just send me an email: gwenedwards82 (at)

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  1. How exciting! I love those little lunches on my own too! Let me know how Denver is. That's also on our possible move list. You know me too well, re: the black in Florida comment. As for the polish, I got it in my new Birchbox. It's a sticker type, but it's real polish (Incoco is the brand). I would highly recommend. Mine lasted a week, but that's because I'm bad at peeling polish off.


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