Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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This blog comes to you out of creative desire, hunger, and daily inspiration. The ideas shared on this blog definitely do not come out of the center of my brain, they are fed by the wonderful work of those around me, including many of you, the fabulous people who take the time to read these words. Let's get inspired! Below are some of the lovelies that spark my imagination.

Local rangpur limes

1. Locally grown and made food in Hawaii. Every time I go to one of the farmer's markets (usually Keauhou) I want to high five all the farmers and fist pump wildly. I refrain, but only barely. Seriously though, did you know that islanders can now get locally raised pork, beef, veal, lamb and chicken at farmer's markets and stores like KTA? Not to mention the gorgeous eggs, mushrooms, vegetables, fruit, coffee, and chocolate. All of this lovely produce has inspired me to start a little something I call Sustainable Sunday. Click the link to find out what it's all about! And please, please, please do your taste buds a favor and head out to your nearest farmer's market asap, the inspiration is endless.

Farmer's market booty, including Ka'u onion

2. The onion family. Do you know how much I love leeks? Eat leeks. Lots of them. And Maui sweet onions and scallions and the green part of the scallion and shallots. Fresh, local onions are blowing my mind. Onions are totally my current favorite vegetable.

3. The Cannelle et Vanille blog is my internet happy place. I go here for the beautiful photos and food styling. I like to imagine myself wearing a white, gauzy dress and prancing through the fields of one her unreal shots of the Spanish countryside.

Jessica getting her marathon on

4. There's this girl I know, her name is Jessica. She is suuuuuper smart AND she just passed the New York bar exam. The best part is, she's my friend! Congrats Jessica, you inspire the hell out of me.

Me and Rae hiking into the "Third Valley"

5. There's this other girl I know, her name is Rachael (or is it Cindy?) She is soooooo rad BUT she's moving away in only a month. We've been cooking together lately, I'm trying to impart what little kitchen wisdom I have to her before she leaves. She's a total natural cook. I'm inspired by the way this girl lives, she is pure love. Of course I'm sad she is leaving, but even more overjoyed to call this chick my friend.

My kitchen, where it all happens!

6. There are these other people I know, YOU. Yes, you reading this while drinking coffee in your worn-out yoga pants. You always leave nice comments, you make my recipes, you send me pictures of your food. I love you guys. Seriously. Writing this blog has been a sparkling, glowing beacon of light in my life and the fact that you read it means the world to me and inspires me to keep going. Thank you for reading, listening, eating, commenting, being.

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  1. YOU inspire ME!!!
    I also love fist pumps. Really, really aggressive fist pumps that border on the verge of pulling a bicep, tricep, or deltoid.
    Now lets go out on Sunday and win some more food competitions.
    And also cram in as many food cooking lessons as we can over the next month. I have regularly been making my soups (brocolli, split pea, squash), granola (every week), and vegetable cous cous bake. Let's keep adding on!


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