Thursday, January 26, 2012

Detox: Wrap-up

Folks! It's almost the end of January and time for us to wrap up our Detox: Life series.

Throughout the month of January I've been detoxing my life through mind, body, and spirit restoration. For me this has included eating fresh, exercising 30 minutes per day, and a lot less internet time. Maybe you noticed? I've tried to keep you updated on my other detox endeavors including running, organizing, and socializing.

My prized orchids
So, how does this end? What did we learn? Where do we go from here?

First off, I learned that I'm ready to move on. I'm ready to take on the issues that clouded my life last year and work on dealing with them in a healthy way. I realized that the big thing that was missing in my life was FUN. I want to stop taking myself so seriously and let loose a little. Hey, I even sang karaoke for the first time this month and, although pretty terrible, it was always something I'd wanted to do.

Even dogs stop to smell the roses
One very welcome side effect to the detox is that my skin cleared up drastically. I've struggled with acne since my move to Hawaii in 2006, (the humidity?) and have resorted to using fairly harsh chemicals on my face, which I don't like. Since the detox though, I was able to stop using the chemicals altogether. Starting in February, I'm going to try and isolate the cause of this. Was it sugar that caused the breakouts? Dairy? Alcohol? Or maybe all of them? I don't eat a great deal of processed or junky foods to begin with so I know it's got to be one of those three things.

The best aspect of completing this detox was just that, completing the detox. The challenge was just right for me, and while I did slip up a couple times, I am very proud of what I was able to do. It truly is a great start to a new year, this feeling of accomplishment and empowerment.

Today marks the last day of eating detox style. Tomorrow is our fifth wedding anniversary, and we're celebrating with champagne. We're also off to Maui for the weekend, so I'm sure there'll be some splurging here and there. Besides that, I'll be easing back into eating dairy and some meat and fish slowly. I'm going to continue to cut out sugar for another couple weeks at least, to see how my skin reacts. Mind and body restoration will continue on, hopefully, throughout the year.

Thanks to those who joined me on this journey. Here's to 2012.


  1. Congrats! I'm sure that wasn't easy. Happy Anniversary too!

  2. Congrats Gwen. I think you're on the right track with the acne thing. There are so many philosophies about what causes it and what doesn't. For instance, I could armchair theorize that if it started when you moved to Hawaii (I don't know where you were moving from), and your diet or exercise levels didn't change drastically, that it could truly be the extra humidity. The chinese believe there can be something called internal dampness which can be affected by increased exterior dampness in our environment. If we're not genetically designed to do well in that kind of environment, the dampness can build internally and cause acne.

    However! Your detox didn't change your environment did it? Since you focused on diet and the things within your environment (outside of the humidity), exercise, and how you cope with stress, I'm going to guess the source of your acne was your liver. (:D Yes, I'm a bit of a nut with this stuff) The liver clears out bad juju for us. Toxins absorbed through the skin (harsh chemicals from cleaners, perfumes, make up, etc etc...) toxins in our foods, etc etc...and when the liver gets sluggish with diets from things like cheese if we're sensitive, fats in meats, too many chemical exposures, or high levels of stress, anger or grief, it can't clear things out. Our skin is the last organ to indicate the distress the body (specifically the liver) is in. Once we clear out toxins, food sensitivities and even pent up emotions which some people believe are actually stored in the liver, our skin shows it.

    Brilliant start to your new year. Hope you have a fantastic time on your anniversary trip to Maui. It's been well earned.
    Sorry for the novel length comment ;)

  3. Yes, you need to make room in your life for fun...(take it from an old lady). I'd also add don't forget your girlfriends, even if you have the most wonderful man in your life, having at least one or two very close friends that you make time for regularly is good for your soul and your keeping

    I love the photo of the flower sniffing pup :-)

  4. Happy anniversary! That's so great! I'm happy you made it through your journey. And karaoke? So much fun! It's best to just let life be and enjoy it. Don't get too stressed. Remember, life is what we make it. :)

  5. Hey Maggie,
    Happy anniversary! Your posts are inspirational, I too must start a detox of my own.
    I came across this post from another blog on food & acne, maybe you'd like it....

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Did I just call you Maggie???
    LOL Sorry Gwen!!!

  7. Good for you! Congratulations on getting through it; I'm very impressed! Your an inspiration!

  8. Just saw your blog from 20sb but this detox sounds like it was so rewarding! Well done on doing it for a month :D did you go vegan for it? Or just no dairy?

    1. Glad we found each other Ellen:) Yes! The detox was vegan except for yogurt. I felt great!

  9. Aw jeez I am so impressed! Plus slightly jealous that you managed to do it, I love cheese and eggs way too much :p well done again :)


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