Friday, June 10, 2011

Gotta see: Bridesmaids

Saw Bridesmaids for the second time in the theater this week (I never do that by the way) and had to recommend. Not only is this a really funny movie starring female comics, but brought me to tears on the that's-what-friends-are-for scale.

Brief synopsis: Annie (Kristen Wiig), slides into breakdown mode after her best friend (Maya Rudolph) gets engaged and she's appointed maid of honor. It starts with "frenemy" Helen, the bossy bridesmaid, who is always making Annie look incompetent as the maid of honor, after which many wedding mishaps occur. But Annie's breakdown is really about some other issues in her life that she learns to deal with in the course of the movie.

This movie made me appreciate my amazing friends even more. "Friendship" being a subject I'm currently obsessing over, as in, what makes a great friendship and how do you explain this love you have for your friends that is so different than any other kind of love? My research on this topic has included a double viewing of Bridesmaids (as mentioned), a day long Sex and the City marathon (season 3 this time), and catching up with my beloved friends as much as possible since I'm now on summer break and have time to harass them.

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  1. I must see ASAP! I agree - there is something so completely unique about the bond with good friends!


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