Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dream Days -and watermelon cocktail nights-

What a dreamy weekend this is turning out to be. I spent the morning in South Kona as a student at the Hale Kai yoga teacher retreat. This was an awesome opportunity not only for the amazing setting and wonderful people, but they helped me iron out some bad yoga habits.

After yoga I cruised down to the adjacent beach, had a little lunch, caught up on some reading (currently Shark Dialogues) and, lucky me, spotted dolphins spinning in the bay. Good thing my overstuffed car happened to include a set of snorkel gear. The dolphins graciously let me swim with them, coming close enough to touch. I couldn't be more thankful to live in Hawaii.

Coming home to a sunny backyard and a smiling husband (he'd just come home from an incredible motorcycle ride), we couldn't resist lighting up the bbq and blending up some delicious Watermelon Cocktails:
1 big pile of cut up watermelon
lemon or lime juice
1/4 jalapeno (seeds removed)
crushed ice

I'm not including measurements because it's better to just eyeball it. You'll need at least 6 oz of vodka per blender batch, depends on how strong you want them. Or leave the booze out, which is what we probably should have done;) The salt and jalapeno give it a little kick, an idea I got from a watermelon soup recipe while listening to the Splendid Table.

We enjoyed another batch of homemade veggie burgers, although I'm not ready to share a recipe yet, still need to work on it a bit, unless someone out there has the secret to making them stick together? The sauce oozing out was some jalapeno and garlic sour cream I mixed up, it helped moisten up the veggie burgers. Rounding out the meal was some fresh grilled asparagus from our garden, three years in the making! I love this asparagus so much, I want to cry every time I eat it.

Stay tuned for more breakfast reinventions, coming your way this week. 

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