Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A New Year

So it's a new year and I suppose another chance at getting this writing thing right. Right? So it's with a certain boldness and a Kerouacian confidence that I venture once again into the writing of a blog.

I've retired from caring for the elderly. It taught me a lot, gave me a great deal of stress, and I've since decided to not become old. Maggie, I hope the rest of your life continues toward some purpose, that of which I am obviously too ignorant to see.

This New Year's Eve was spent in New York city with a couple of my very best friends. It was so much fun my heart beat extra fast for several days after and joy seeped from every pore and folicle on my body. This phenomenon can only be explained with one word: love. Thus my revolation and resolution for this 2010 became the pursuit of the meaning of this thing we call love. Never, never have I been this crazy in love with everything around me: my friends, the books I read, the color of the sky, the songs on the radio, that lump that lays beside me each night, a cappuchino with a foam heart, old and dear emails, a random smiling face. I even love the keyboard this is typed with. And so the quest begins, whatever was ingnited in my heart in New York sometime after the clock struck twelve, I've vowed to find it, define it, make something with it.

As anyone knows who has ever been in love, it is terrible and wonderful all at the same time. I can't sleep, my mind races, I make irrational comments and subsequent blog posts, and yet the joy I feel is so great I'd trade it for nothing. So what is this? God? Insanity? I need to know in any event. So join me if you care to as I march along with the great masses who have ventured into this very same pursuit. Just what exactly is love?

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  1. I am so happy you are taking a second stab at this! I am going to be honest - reading this post made me cry. I am so lucky. I am so so so lucky to have such amazing people in my life and to be able to share my love with them all.

    As to your question: What is love? I just don't think it is something that really can be defined. Through my life, I have had so many different loves, and rarely are they similar. One thing that I am certain about, though, is that love brings about emotion. And, not just any emotion. But an emotion that is so passionate and so intense that it makes you different as a human being. There are so many things that invoke this feeling in me, and for that, I have to say I am very lucky!


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