Monday, January 18, 2010

Love at First Sight

I believe in love at first sight, here's why. There are plenty of good looking people in this world and you don't go around falling in love with every pretty face you see on the street. Love at first sight is when you feel something for that person, it's more than a "yeah I'd do him," reaction, it's gotta be more. We tend to write these feelings off most of the time. It's just infatuation. But infatuation is a really strong kind of love, just because it doesn't last forever doesn't mean those feelings weren't real, weren't life altering in many cases.

My definition of love at first sight is that spark, that moment of magic after you first meet someone or see them, a connection you feel and you know they do to. Simply attraction? Not when you can't stop thinking about them, when you think you see them around every corner, when you truly believe in running into them again, when logic flies out the window in a pair of ruby slippers.

And yes, of course I'm speaking from experience here. According to my definition above, it's happened to me numerous times in this life, including when I first saw my Hubs. Sitting in a college statistics class, I'd noticed him before, but he'd never looked at me. This is key because you both have to feel the connection for it to work. And then one day he sat right next to me and we looked at eachother, wow, his eyes seemed a neon blue as they met mine. "This weather is bullshit, I'm moving to Florida," he said and I was irrationally hooked. That day after class he clomped a few yards ahead of me in his big, black boots as "Today I met the man I'm gonna marry..." rang in my ears. Seriously. This is crazy right? Well this was love. The highest high and the lowest low. Just exactly how was I going to get this guy to marry me? And the rest is an even sappier love story.

But as we all know it doesn't always, well nearly never, work out in marriage or even a relationship. The fact is that the love is there, but why? Where did the love come from? Did we know eachother in a past life? Was my heart open just enough, and theirs too, to let our souls sneak out at just the right moment? When this type of love works out we say, oh well it was meant to be. But what about when it doesn't work out? Where does that love go? The other times I've experienced love at first sight were no less real than the love I felt for Hubs. So what is to be done with this information, that we can love people at first sight, that's what I want to know. I just don't have a good answer at all.

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