Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sick day

The kid I work with called in sick to school today. This is bad for me, because I don't get paid, but good for me because I don't have to deal with a sick child at school. And of course now I have a sore throat, no!

We picked some lilikoi (passion fruit) this morning so it's going to be a good day.

Yesterday and Monday were pretty good at school, nothing really happened with my kid, except he got hit by a sassy, and much smaller, first grader. This was actually good because normally he is on the other side of the hitting end, and he didn't hit back, which really surprised me. It happened while we were watching a video in the SpEd class. My student stared whispering nonsense into this other kid's ear and it was clearly bugging him, but he wouldn't stop until, whack! Right across the face. My kid just stopped and turned to watch the video. Lesson learned? I guess we'll see.

A couple minutes after this little incident another one of our students (should I mention here that all the kids I'm talking about now have autism?) began making comments about the video like, "that's a lizard, right?" "that was scary, right?" After a few minutes of this one of the other little girls turns to him and says, "haha, WRONG!" Probably because she wanted him to shut up.

Thus one of the blessings sometimes of having autism is the lack of social graces. In most cases, like farting in public, it's not such a blessing. But we've all been in a situation when we wanted to yell, "haha, WRONG," to some obnoxious person, but don't do it because it's not polite. These kids have a knack for saying out loud what we're all feeling. Freedom, in a way.

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