Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's in my toolbox?

Kitchen gadgets I can't live without currently:

From top left, clockwise

Stand-up knife sharpener. Simply stand on the counter and drag knife through. Takes the guess work out of free-hand sharpening.

Microplane grater/zester. Works wonders with ginger and parmesan.

Madoline slicer. A dream with onions.

Boy scout style can opener. Tried and true, never breaks, super-cheap. I got tired of paying big bucks for can openers that only lasted a year, these little guys never fail.

Wooden spatula. Great for stir-frying and just general stirring. Won't melt, like plastic, or get too hot, like metal.

Last but not least, my beloved woo-woo. Or as most people call them, an immersion blender. Awesome for soups, mine comes with a mini chopping attachment that I use to make salad dressings, pesto, and marinades.

What's in your toolbox? Please share here or visit MauiShopGirl to find out what others have tucked away.


  1. Love your photo! Just hopping on over from mauishopgirl! Laurie

  2. I need me a knife sharpener! And so cheap! I see those microplane grater/zesters on Food Network all the time ;). They look easier to clean than a stand-up cheese grater, which is what we have. No more crying when slicing onions?? I'm in! Haha. I'm intrigued by the boy scout can opener. We bought an immersion blender to make baby food. We use it once in a while for soups but I can never get the right liquid-to-solid ratio that makes the blender work smoothly. Got any suggestions? I want a thicker/chunkier soup but want the blender to work too.

  3. I'm kind of digging the boy scout can opener because it's so...minimal. I finally gave up on electric openers because they get really gross no matter how much I tried to keep it clean.

    I LOVE my immersion hand blender. I use the chopping attachments all the time to make salad dressing.

    Now I want a madoline.

    Thanks for joining in this week!


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