Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sustainable Sunday: Beef Kidneys

Against my better judgement, and the advice of most on the old internet, I am stewing some beef kidneys. It's just that I keep seeing them for sale in the "grass-fed beef" section at the store and got curiouser and curiouser. There was a big stamp on them that said "Eat Me." So we will.

Let's get straight to it. These kidneys stink to high heaven. And I'm not the squeamish sort. As I've often told my husband, as long as it's dead no amount of gore really bothers me, but the smell is a little hard to take. I followed all of the tips I could find on ridding the kidneys of this smell; I blanched them, rinsed them, salted then rinsed them, soaked them in milk then rinsed them, and braised before adding to a crockpot with lots of veggies and spices. Basically, I cooked the piss out of them. Literally.

...Excuse me while I laugh at my own joke...

So now this stewish concoction is bubbling away in the slow cooker. I'm not going to include a recipe until I've tried it but I will tell you that I used Okinawan sweet potatoes, Maui onion, carrots, garlic, shoyu, ketchup, and a bunch of spices.

Here's to hoping this Sustainable Sunday stew is edible.

Buy local, it matters!

The stew came together nicely. The kidneys taste vaguely of liver. However. There is a smell. Proceed at your own risk.

Beef kidney stew


  1. Oh my goodness! You're so brave and very very clever to come up with all those different ways to get rid of that odor. Looking forward to seeing how it tasted!

  2. HOw interesting....I don't know if I ever ate beef kidneys before. I don't even know if I can even find it on this island.

    I laughed at the part "I cooked the piss out of them." That made me laugh. LOL

    Okay...would you make this again? Is the smell not worth the taste? I would eat cow tongue, but I would never make it in my kitchen. The main reason is the smell. I can't take it. Yuck, but yum! LOL


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