Thursday, September 13, 2012


Maui Shop Girl ( is hosting a weekly photo challenge on her blog. Since I'd really like to focus on improving my photography skills, I decided to join the fun. This week's theme is "Peaceful."

Peaceful is...

Feet in sand.

Clouds overtaking the sun.

Private tide pools.

Sorry this post is so wonky folks. I'm trying to publish from my iPad in the airport on the way to Minnesota for a wedding. Hope you all have a peaceful day!


  1. Aw, no photos :(. I'll have to check back later then! But the words are great descriptions of peaceful. Oh, you Hawaiians, beach, sand, palm cliche, just kidding! I'm just jealous.

  2. Gorgeous photos. ... definitely peaceful ... and I'm a tad envious too, I admit.

  3. I love the sand in the feet. That looks heavenly peaceful! Great shots, girl.

    OH, I'm having a hard time listening to your podcast. I'm so bummed. For whatever reason, it won't play on my itunes. I must be doing something wrong.

  4. Love, love & love. The sand in the feet is my favorite. I feel like I'm there. Note to self...jump in the ocean today!

    Oh...what is this podcast? I need to find it on your site. I listen to podcasts all the time.

    Thank you so so much for participating!


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