Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Bunch of...

I'm playing along again this week with Maui Shop Girl and her "Just Another Photo Challenge" series. This week the photo prompt was "A Bunch of..." I always have a bunch of something growing in the garden.

A bunch of shampoo ginger.

A bunch of broccoli flowers, which are edible as well as the leaves.

A bunch of basil. Pesto party here I come!

A bunch of papaya. My husband planted these trees from seed last year. It is amazing how fast they grow. Hoping to make some green papaya salad soon, one of my favorites.

I hope you'll join us by taking your own "A Bunch of..." photos. Cheers!


  1. I have basil in my yard too. I can't imagine now living someplace I couldn't just go outside and cut a bunch of basil. Your shot is great, love the green against the dark.

    The broccoli and ginger are so pretty. Your yard is awesome, I can see a nice porch too in the background.

    Thanks for playing Gwen! Have a Happy Aloha Friday.

  2. Your garden looks wonderful! I've never heard of shampoo ginger before!


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