Saturday, August 18, 2012

31 Birthday Wishes

Last year a post I wrote for my husband's birthday became your favorite post of all time on this blog. It seems we've come a long way in only a year. Dustin turns 31 today and although I could write 1000 reasons to love him, here's just a few.

1. He has been smoke free for exactly one year.
2. He's outfitting our house with new tile flooring. What a stud.
3. While I was away in NYC, he got the African violet I've had for 4 years that has never bloomed to bloom.
4. He buys me lemon verbena soap just because.
5. I was worried he would only eat Hot Pockets and blue box while I was away this summer, but came home to find the freezer full of vegan burritos.
6. He understands the perfect coffee:milk ratio.
7. Blue shirts bring out the most perfect hue to his eyes.
8. He loves our dog Cruiser SO MUCH.

9. When picking me up from the airport, he brings SPAM musubi.
10. He's cute.
11. He read every single candidate's profile before voting in the primary, even the crazies.
12. He'll eat anything I make, even liver.
13. He tells me if my outfit is looking wonky. This is a regular occurrence.
14. That green thumb really comes in handy.
15. "Sandwich" is his favorite food. I can make that!
16. He changes the oil in my car.
17. He never complains.
18. His organizational mastery makes my life much easier. Maybe it will rub off one day.

19. Pesto is his new favorite thing to make.
20. He looks pretty sexy on a motorcycle.
21. He rolls with the punches.
22. He lives life. Life doesn't live him.
23. He (usually) knows what's best for me.
24. He wants the best for me, no matter what.
25. His tan is really something else. Golden skin.
26. People don't mess with him. We call it his "cop face."
27. His wild, teenage "coming of age" stories are really the best that I know of.
28. He's got great skills and is pretty good with a bo staff.
29. No one eats like he does. The speed is impressive.
30. He's mine.
31. But most of all, I love him for being an outstanding, righteous human being.

Happy Birthday honey!

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  1. Awe! Happy birthday, Dustin!

    That was a really sweet post. You are so lucky to have a great guy like Dustin! I mean...spam musubi when you land that's a great homecoming, if you ask me.


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