Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sustainable Sunday: Lima Bean Fail

Look at all this wonderful produce I scored at the Hilo Farmer's Market for Sustainable Sunday! I could have filled an entire trunk with goodies from this market, but since we were spending all day at the canoe races and roller derby event, it probably wouldn't have survived the 2 hour drive home. Have you been to a roller derby bout yet? Definitely one of the more enjoyable sporting events I've attended.

So, being a huge lima bean fan, I was excited to find some fresh ones and share a recipe with you. Real life dictated otherwise. I'm not about to recommend you spend the 45+ minutes it took to boil and then peel these beans. True, they are delicious, but very few of us have that kind of time or patience. I cook with frozen limas all the time and love them, so let's just look at this as me saving you time when you get a hankering for fresh limas.

Before cooking

I did do some research on lima beans, which these may not actually be, they could be fava or broad beans. Either way, the outer skin was too tough to chew and needed to be peeled. Some types of lima beans do not need to be peeled at all, which would be the way to go. The best thing would be to ask the farmer/sales person how they need to be prepared. If you need to peel each bean, again, I'm not recommending that to anyone.

After boiling and peeling

In case you're wondering, I'll be sauteing the limas in lemon juice, butter, garlic and salt & pepper and serving them with skillet potatoes. Live and learn.


  1. Great blog...looking forward to reading more! Aloha from a Hamakua foodie...

  2. I had no idea Lima beans needed to be boiled and peeled. Thanks for sharing this time and sanity saving tip.

  3. I never had lima bean before. It looks darn good! I don't think I ever saw a fresh lima bean in my life. How sad and unfortunate, uh?

    Anyways, awesome score on mountain apples. They are my favorite. I like them more than Fujis!


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