Thursday, July 12, 2012

NYC Foodie Highlights (Part III)

Guys and gals I'm sorry to say my New York adventure is officially over. For now. I'm back again typing this on my old leather couch next to a snoozing puppy who was pretty excited to have his mama home. The Hawaiian breeze and birds completing this scene really ain't bad. But I could go for another giant chocolate chip cookie (more like a scone really) that was perfectly crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside from Levain Bakery.

Or another slice of New Haven pizza with clams or mashed potatoes on top. I was lucky enough to pass through Connecticut on my way to a wedding in Saratoga Springs, such a beautiful state.

The bride Kacie was my roommate when I studied abroad in Spain. We were known for such adventures as hotdog launching, botellon drinking, and bringing Halloween to a whole new level in a country that doesn't even celebrate it. Congrats Kacie, you looked stunning!

On our way to a Mets game, I snacked on some plantain chips.

Go Mets! Wait, Gwen, where are you looking?

Lobster bisque from The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market. Uh, I could live in this market. It's basically an old warehouse turned modern-day foodie mecca with all sorts of specialty foods shops and cafes.

I walked that cup of cream off in the nearby Chelsea art district which is loaded with galleries of all kinds, including public ones like this. I thought the space invader in the top right might be the real thing.

Mrs. Lee and I had a lovely blogger meet-up and shared an Italian meat and cheese plate. She is such a doll, so glad we got to meet. That may or may not be a giant glass of limoncello.

I was so inspired by all the art and culture around me on this trip, especially the Guggenheim museum and the Brooklyn Museum, that it was hard not to get into artist mode myself. Doodling while sipping on a cafe au lait and munching an Apple Jacks bar.

For the last meal it was off to Chinatown for amazeballs lamb burgers, cold noodles, and lamb face salad. That's right, lamb face. Thank you New York, in yo face!


  1. Welcome home. i know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way when I got back home too.

    you and Kacie sounds like my kind of roommate. It sounds like you two had so much fun while living in Spain. How lucky that you guys clicked so well. She was such a beautiful bride. And you always looks stunning, even if you are not looking directly at the camera.

    Man, it sounds like you had an amazing time up there. I hope you continue traveling.

  2. Such good choices! I love the cute Apple Jacks bar. Next time, I'll try to be prepared and give you a special tour of Chinatown to show you my favorites.

  3. Everything looks delicious! I can't wait for our next trip to NYC so I can check some of these places out.

  4. Ahhhh I love this!!! So glad you could come to Saratoga and so glad you had the best cookie in the world!!


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