Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NYC Foodie Highlights (Part II)

While riding the subway to Brooklyn the other day (where I'm staying) I smelled something funky. Assuming it was the strange woman next to me I tried to ignore it. Finally, the train pulled up to my stop. I hopped off and gratefully took a big breath.

Sour Cherry shave ice at the Brooklyn flea market

Still funky. Oh no, the funkiness might be me. In fact it was me. In fact, as I quickly discovered, it was the stinky cheese I'd just bought at Chelsea Market. Phew, and oh no. I'm sure everyone on the train thought I was stinky. What a girl will do for some good cheese. I tell ya.

This photo was taken from the rooftop of the apartment building I'm staying in. Shhh. I snuck my dinner up there and watched the sunset.

Lemon Ricotta pancakes

I love a good diner. My favorite thing about them is the bottomless coffee.

Salvadorian chicken. That green sauce was amazing. 

While visiting a family cemetery in Queens (don't worry, we're talking ancestors) I happened upon this little Salvadorian place with super cheap lunch specials. When the menu isn't in English, you know you've found something good.

Pork dumplings, pork bun, duck pancake

Chinatown totally blew my mind. The sights, the sounds, the deliciousness. I am totally going back just to eat. All of this food (plus a drink) was $5. Madness.

Last but not least, Zen Butter ice cream, peanut butter with toasted sesame seeds. Chinatown is major!

More and more and more to come. 


  1. YUM! I'm drooling on my keyboard! Have a wonderful time.

  2. Chinatown is the best! Luckily I've got an amazing Chinese husband to show me the secret spots!

  3. oh yummo! i just downed a large drink and massive sub, but i'm totally hungry again:)

  4. Good call on sneaking up on the roof! I would do the same thing, but with my luck, I would've locked myself out or something. LOL

    My favorite is the ice cream. That sounds so unique and heavenly. Love it.

  5. I want that freaking ice cream! The lemon ricotta pancakes too if you please! What kind of cheese was that stinky? I looooove a good stinky cheese.


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