Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dog if you are listening, please help!

Aloha Dog and Chapman Family,

I'm a teacher at Konawaena Middle School on the Big Island and I need your help. There is a student in my 8th grade class who I'm afraid is heading in a very dangerous direction in his life. He misses school more days out of the week than he attends, is getting straight F's, and has to go to court for truancy charges. Because he misses school so much, he is far behind in his schoolwork and academic skills. This is a young man who doesn't know how bright and special he is and if he keeps going in this direction will get lost, or worse. 

At our school the students do a Kulia I Ka Nu'u Project toward the end of the year, which is designed to get them interested in something they may want to pursue in the future and to strive for new knowledge. The student I mentioned needs a mentor for this project, so I thought of your family and the difference you've made in so many lives. He could do his project on bounty hunting and, I know it's a lot to ask, but could you, or someone from the Chapman family mentor my student or possibly be available for an interview so that he can meet or talk with you? He needs someone to show him there is a way to have a good life and stay out of trouble before he gets in too deep.

Please, if there is any way you can help this boy at all, I would really appreciate it.


Gwen Edwards
Konawaena Middle School

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