Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things That Make You Go Awe

This month there was an article in "O Magazine" about places and things that are awe-inspiring. In fact, the theme this month of the magazine centered around unexplained events and things that happen in nature or in our lives which fill us with awe.

This got me thinking about awe itself. It's an emotion totally unique to any other, when you are filled with wonder at something that just blew your mind. And if you think about it, we are always seeking ways to feel awe. When we plan a vacation, for instance, we look for destinations that will fill us with awe (which are hopefully awe-full not awful - sorry for that, couldn't help it). When you are looking out over the Grand Canyon, experiencing awe, what exactly is happening? Are we getting a little glimpse of heaven? Or maybe experiencing the divine? I really don't know, but here are some things that are awesome, and I wanted to share.

Monasteries at Meteora, Greece
We were lucky enough to visit Meteora in 2006. The monasteries sit atop these giant rock formations. It's amazing to think how they built them.

Swimming with Manta Rays
Mantas feed at night, so you gotta brave the dark water to swim with them.

New York City
I was awe-struck at everything about this place. Yes, there are many neat things to see and do here, but it was the vibe of the city, the feeling it gave you, that really gave me the mind-meld.

Riding a Motorcycle
Whether on the back, on my own, or even cruising on a scooter, getting out of the car and in the open air is like nothing else. You notice things and experience the road in a whole new way when riding.

Feel free to leave comments on what fills you with awe. May you experience it often.

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