Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lychee Martini

An amazing taste combination. Great for a cocktail or dinner party as these are a snap to make.

1 part chilled vodka
1 part lychee "juice" (see explanation below)
2 lychees from a can per martini

To make one martini: place 2 lychee in a chilled martini glass. I use canned lychee because I use the "juice" from the can to mix the drink. Measure 2 shots of vodka into a shaker of ice (or just a cup of ice if you don't have a shaker). Add 2 shots of lychee "juice." Shake or stir then strain into your martini glass. That's it! To make lots of martinis simply use the measurements provided above. I was able to make 5 martinis out of one can of lychee, so plan accordingly.



  1. Must be some sort of liquor-riffic harmonic convergence, Gwen... I just happened to notice that we both blogged about Lychee Martini recipes on the same day :)


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